Scars Debut in Grenada


Special Screening of Scars of Our Mothers’ Dreams at Cocktails and Conversations

Grenada, W.I. – June 14th, 2017


Cocktail in hand, I walked around the room embracing everyone (some familiar, others strangers),  welcoming them for coming out to share this special showcase of the film in Grenada, not only with me,  but moreso with Melissa Jeremiah and Natasha LaMothe, two of the other participants in the Scars Of Our Mothers’ Dreams.

As everyone embarked on taking their seats, I retreated to the back of the room to watch the film with them.   Anchored on each side of the room were Melissa and Natasha, hand in hand with their respective partners, seeking support as they watched themselves on screen and heard their experiences vocalized for the very first time in the midst of a room full of strangers.

By the end of the film and throughout the Q&A session,  the room was emotionally charged.  I was deeply moved and humbled by the responses which validated the impact and relatability of Scars of Our Mother’s Dreams.




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