sometimes it’s simple as black or white
other times there are some shades of gray,
but in the end Everything Is A Choice.
~Meschida Philip


Born in Grenada West Indies, I migrated with my mother and siblings as a teenager to a small village called Tuckahoe in Westchester, thirty minutes outside of New York City, one hour away from Brooklyn.

From a very young age, I was timid and always had an affinity for creativity which served me well especially during the transitional period getting acclimated with my new life in America. During that time, I escaped my reality (culture shock, reunification, academic challenges) through my imagination and buried myself in books, writing and remodeling (painting and re-organizing) the house. Athleticism was never my thing and still is not to date. My innate desire was to travel and see the world as explained in my books.

Early 2015, I got the chance to travel beyond the Caribbean islands to North India with a group of strangers. That trip, ignited my passion to create. I picked up my camera and was transformed into a photographer and filmmaker, documenting everything I could about my journey -the essences of the people and character of each city visited. With an interest in making documentaries, I enrolled in film school at the City College of New York and made my first film, Scars of Our Mothers’ Dreams a short documentary about the consequences of parental-child separation due to migration.

I am an activist that is primarily interested in social issues, including immigration, education and children/women’s rights affecting the Caribbean culture and communities throughout Grenada and by extension the Caribbean Diaspora. Armed with my degree and a knack for storytelling, I use film as my medium to give light to those issues. In addition to my directorial role for “Scars of our Mothers’ Dreams“, I maintain my job as a legal assistant for J. Walter Thompson and continues to develop my skills a filmmaker and photographer through collaboration and freelancing.

I earned my MFA in Film at CCNY, received my BS in Information Science from Fordham University. I am the recipient of the 2017 Cityvisions Journey Award, 2016 BSSAA NJ, Dedication and Service Award and the 2015 J. Walter Thompson (JWT) Innovators of Change Recipient Award.

Photo credit: Will Harris

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