Against the enchanting backdrop of Grenada’s Carnage landscape, my creative journey unfolded. Here, the allure of vibrant characters, colors, cultures, and community captivated my young imagination. The skill of observation and introspection evolved into my artistic compass, sculpting a distinctive viewpoint and nurturing an inquisitive spirit. This journey has given me a nuanced lens to navigate the world around me.

Guided by the belief in creating opportunities, my professional path spans various industries, allowing me to offer a comprehensive suite of services in the United States and the Caribbean. From creative consultancy to film production, directing, marketing, branding, events production, and project management, I wear different hats to bring a holistic approach to each endeavor.

As a director+producer, my film portfolio boasts impactful works like SCARS OF OUR MOTHER DREAMS and SEARCHING FOR CRYSTAL. Presently, I am immersed in developing the Canary documentary, focused on reproductive justice, and the compelling Blue Light District film—an extension of SEARCHING FOR CRYSTAL, addressing the critical issue of human trafficking.

The 1261 Grenada Film Festival, founded by me, is a testament to my commitment to diversity and inclusivity in celebrating the independent Caribbean and African diaspora cinema. This dedication extends to supporting youths and women in film, championing diversity and inclusivity, and amplifying Caribbean voices globally—a journey dedicated to shaping the future of cinema with a focus on empowerment and representation.

I am genuinely excited about collaborating with you, leveraging my unique skills and experiences to infuse creativity, impact, and authenticity into your endeavors. Let’s embark on a shared journey of creative exploration and growth.