How My Journey Began

Born in Grenada West Indies, I migrated to New York as a teenager with my family. What a culture shock!

I escaped my then challenging social & cultural reality through Asian cinema every Saturday and in my books.

In 2015, after a transformative trip to India with a group of strangers, my creativity was ignited. The Caribbean is beautiful, but there was something magical about India… that reignited my desire to create more.

I returned to America and enrolled in the MFA Film program at the City College of New York.

My directorial work includes SCARS OF OUR MOTHER DREAMS, a short documentary exploring the impact on children separated from their parents due to migration. My latest film, SEARCHING FOR CRYSTAL, is an awareness film exploring human trafficking in the Caribbean.

I am an activist that is primarily interested in social issues, including immigration, education, and children/women’s rights affecting the Caribbean culture and communities throughout Grenada and by extension the Caribbean Diaspora.

In 2018, after recognizing an opportunity to help with the development of the film community and industry in Grenada, I founded the 1261 Film Festival.

Currently, I spend time between New York and Grenada.