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SEARCHING FOR CRYSTAL tells the story of a missing 16-year-old Caribbean girl who vanished from her home and smuggled out of the country.


SEARCHING FOR CRYSTAL’ follows the story of a single father, Malcolm Boney, and his daughter, Crystal Boney (16), that vanishes from their home without a trace in the Caribbean.

Malcolm discovers his daughter missing and desperately searches for her, unaware of the underground trafficking ring in his community; while only a few miles away from their home, Crystal attempts to escape and survive her captors.

Pledged by corrupted governments, high unemployment, and lack of opportunities, the Caribbean is the perfect breathing ground for human traffickers. This short film draws from real-life accounts and sheds light on the gaping dangers silently terrorizing the safety of Islanders – especially children and women.

SCARS OF OUR MOTHERS’ DREAMS is a short documentary exploring the long-term emotional cost on families through the lens of children left behind or abandoned by their parents’ indefinite migration to developed countries in search of opportunities.

This exploration led filmmaker Meschida Philip to her birth country, Grenada, West Indies, to the paths of Anthony, Tasha, and Mel, three adults who recount how their mothers’ physical absence left them vulnerable to childhood abuse, and other traumatic experiences. Scars of Our Mothers Dreams also profile Meschida’s personal experience of being left behind at age eight by her mother for seven years before their reunification in New York.

Drawing from that pain, they share how they were able to heal through the trauma and redefine their relationships with their mothers.

SCARS OF OUR MOTHERS’ DREAMS recounts the testimonies of three Grenadians who grew up with parents who migrated to work abroad explore the themes of parental migration, emotional traumas, childhood abandonment, and healing.